About Kitty Bunn

I have lived most of my life in Corvallis, Oregon with my husband Bob, but recently have moved to Vancouver, Washington. My home is along the river where I watch the ebb and flow…so to speak.  I grew up on a ranch east of the mountains, and as a young child loved to draw.

When my children reached school age, I decided I needed a painting for my living room. I enrolled at Oregon State University and took a class in painting and soon I was addicted and have been painting ever since. I feel that color is my passion. I tend to see landscapes in strong color.

Most of my recent works are inspired from my travels. I have been to many countries, taking  pictures to help me remember what it was that I liked about the scene and then I try to capture the mood and the essence of the place.

I love to paint and hope others like what they see. Please click here to view paintings:  Kitty Bunn’s World of Color

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