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I have lived most of my life in Corvallis, Oregon with my husband Bob, but recently have moved to Vancouver, Washington. My home is along the river where I watch the ebb and flow…so to speak.  I grew up on a ranch east of the mountains, and as a young child loved to draw.

When my children reached school age, I decided I needed a painting for my living room. I enrolled at Oregon State University and took a class in painting and soon I was addicted and have been painting ever since. I feel that color is my passion. I tend to see landscapes in strong color.

Most of my recent works are inspired from my travels. I have been to many countries, taking  pictures to help me remember what it was that I liked about the scene and then I try to capture the mood and the essence of the place.

I love to paint and hope others like what they see. Please click here to view paintings:  Kitty Bunn’s World of Color

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  1. Hello Kitty. More than 25 years ago, I purchased your painting titled “Valley View” from the Portland Art Museum Rental and Sales Gallery. It has been adorning the wall of my dining room ever since, and is the constant source of compliments and commentary from friends over the years. I still love it.

    I just thought you would like to know it has a good home and is well travelled. It moved to The Netherlands, back to Oregon, and now I live in Redondo Beach, California.

    Keep painting and inspiring us through your vision.

    Cheers, Mary Ellen

  2. Hello Kitty!!!! I got your Xmas card 2 yrs ago and immediately lost it with the return address. Tried the internet last year to no avail. Tried again today and there you are!!!!! I had hoped we would be getting together when you moved up here. So glad to know you are still painting. I sort of went into a depression when I had to move from 53rd St. house and consequently lost contact with folks I care about………you being high on that list. So I am hoping to get a response from you and we can get together this summer. I live in a pleasant townhouse on the Frank Estate in SW Portland. Very easy to reach via I5. My phone is 503-452-4712. Address: 7485 SW Aloma Way #4, Portland, OR.
    Saundra Timberlake

  3. Kitty……..Got your calls, and hope you received my calls. Our timing just hasn’t coordinated yet! I didn’t call this weekend as have had a sort of mini flu which is a bother and bad timing as I am having cataract surgery tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I seemed to have misplaced your phone number.

    If you have email please send me your address ….. and your phone no. again. Last time I called up your website you had an address and phone no, but not this time!\

    We will connect eventually! I have no idea how long it takes to recover from the surgery. Not long I hope I have the other eye done July 1.

    Affectionately, Saundra

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